Series 42 American Light Infantrymen

REV 42 American Light Infantrymen

American Light Infantry in light infantry cap.


A special company was formed in many of the American regiments, following the British system, of active, well disciplined men to function as light infantry scouts and skirmishers.  At times all the American light infantry were gathered into an elite battalion for specific missions.  The battalion of well trained and equipped soldiers that Delaware sent to join Washington's Army before the battles of Long Island and White Plains were all wearing this type of cap, including officers and musicians.  the clothing that arrives from France in 1778 for the entire army, including the light troops, was apportioned to the states' Continental regiments as follows:

North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey and New York- dark blue faced red


Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Congress' Own Canadian regiment- red brown uniform coats faced red


Some Massachusetts, Virginia and Delaware regiments were issued the dark blue faced red uniforms because of their availability.


Coloring information for Series 42 is for the Delaware Battalion and Congress' Own Light Company.


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REV 42-20 Trail arms, walking

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REV 42-40 Officer marching

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