Series 44 American Marines

REV 44 American Marine

American Marines, officers in in felt round hats, officers in cocked hats.


During the early years of the Revolution, Marines were raised and used by several of the states but little is known about their uniforms. General John Glover's Marblehead Regiment, made up largely of fishermen, are largely described as wearing blue round jackets and trousers trimmed with leather buttons, reefing jackets, or light colored coats faced red with buff breeches, blue stockings and felt hats.  Maryland State Marines were thought to be equipped with blue hunting shirts.


In November of 1775, the Congress authorized two battalions of Marines into continental service and thus, with the following resolution, stated what was to become the present day Marine Corps:


On September 5, 1776, the Naval Committee published the Continental Marines uniform regulations specifying green coats with white facings (lapels, cuffs and coat linings), with a leather high collar to protect against cutlass slashes and the keep a man's head erect.  Its memory is preserved by the moniker "Leatherneck", and the high collar on Marine dress uniforms of today. Though legend attributes the green color to the traditonal color of riflemen, Colonial Marines carried muskets.  More likely, green cloth was simply plentiful in Philadelphia, and it served to distinguish Marines from the red of the British or the blue of the Continental Army and Navy.


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